Robot Smasher


Robot Smasher is an iddle mobile game. You can create fancy robots and make them fight against other bots in an arena.


I was lead game designer of the project. So, I worked closely with 5 other game designers. During these two weeks, the most part of my job was about organisation and communication. My method was pretty simple: post-it board and daily stand up meetings, so that we all had a look on the improvement. Everybody knew what needed to be done.
I managed my team of game designers in order that they always focus on the core gameplay, paying attention on lisibility, balancing, gamefeel and playability.

It was the first time i assumed that role and the most interesting part of it is that I could communicate with everybody in the team, and not only the game designers. I learned a lot of things speaking with programmers and artists. This helped me to have a better understanding about work’s charges of every core businesses.

About the game:

I was working with 13 other students when we created the game. It was a 2 weeks’ project we realised with GAMELOFT. For this project, we had to respect special requests: make an iddle mobile game, MMO with local cooperation.


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