You play as a robot on the verge of making the biggest discovery of  the history of human space exploration.

Curiosity is a first person game in which you embody an exploration’s robot. We are focusing on the ambiance andon the narration.



I’m the lead game designer of the team. Each meachanic and design decisions must be validated by me. I work closely with the other leads and the team manager to keep a good team cohesion and organisation.

I’m responsible of the 3C of the game: My focus is to make believable robitic controls, that seems futuristic and smooth to the player. Since we are not making a simulation game, controls must be pleasant and simple to master.

I’m also level designer on Curiosity. I create immersive levels that are coherent with the mechanics we designed. I make them fit with the atmosphere and the narrative aspect of our game.



About the production:

We are 7 students working on this last year project. This production sums up everything we learned in our school. We must achieve this from pre-production to post-production. (June 2017).

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